#INTO ORBIT – Challenge Update

The following update has been released by FIRST. U04 – SOLAR PANEL ACCESS 10 October 2018 Your Robot is free and expected to switch the position of any Solar Panel at any time, to maximize your score, even though one of them wasn’t called “your” panel. R16 is not a problem here because: —Both teams […]

#ROVER RUCKUS – FIRST Tech Challenge

We’re excited to announce that New Zealand teams that would like to participate in FTC ROVER RUCKUS have been invited to compete in the Australian competition for the 2018/2019 season.  We will be providing local support for teams as needed. To register your team, please complete this form.    

#INTO ORBIT – Challenge Update

A new challenge update has been released which we’ve included below.  You can also download a PDF containing all updates to-date below. U03 – SOLVING “SPACE PROBLEMS” ON EARTH 11 September 2018 The INTO ORBITSM Project Challenge specifies that the problem your team selects must be “faced during long duration space exploration”; however, it does […]


We’ve just posted the MissionMoon build instructions and a challenge brief to the FLL Jr page.  Don’t forget you can download a PDF of the Engineers Notebook and Meeting guide as well. The MissionMoon kits are being delivered and you should receive yours by the end of this week if you’ve already registered.  Get in […]